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Image Code Description
PS-02 AMDEX Double Powerpoint 240V 10A Colour White
PS-03 AMDEX Double Powerpoint 10Amp with extra switch. Colour White
SW-01 AMDEX 10 Amp Switch Mech
FP-1PV2 AMDEX Single Port Face Plate
FP-1PV3 AMDEX Single Port Face Plate
FP-2PV2 AMDEX Dual Port Face Plate
FP-2PV3 AMDEX Dual Port Face Plate
FP-3PV2 AMDEX Triple Port RJ-45 Face Plates Amdex style.
FP-3PV3 AMDEX Triple Port Face Plate
FP-4PV2 AMDEX Four Port RJ-45 Face Plates. Amdex style.
FP-4PV3 AMDEX Four Port Face Plate

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