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Model: Y-9320
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UNITEK USB3.0 Type-C Micro SD Card Reader

Y-9320 is a patented Micro SD card reader. Its unique design with USB-A and USB-C provides you with a convenience to read your Micro SD card with the traditional USB-A and the latest USB-C. The USB 3.0 supports high-speed data transfer up to 5GBPS. In additional to that, the hidden card slot (hide under USB-A interface) makes it special from other card readers in the market. Small but exquisite look and its portability surely will impress you deeply when you see it. 


  • Patent design, delicate and exquisite appearance, portable, artistic and practical.
  • Dual USB interfaces, support devices with USB-A or USB-C port
  • USB-C supports reversible inserting, USB-A and USB-C could not work simultaneously
  • With USB 3.0, data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps
  • Hidden Micro SD card slot, with switch and easy to use
  • Hot swappable, plug and play