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KONFTEL 300Wx without Base
Model KONF910101078
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KONFTEL 300Wx without Base Station. HD wireless audio conference phone with SD call recording, USB. Expandable up to 20 people. ** TO BE SOLD WITH THE DECT BASE STATION.

Freedom of wireless connectivity combined with superior audio quality. That's what you get from the Konftel 300Wx when it's connected to IP telephony with HD audio via Konftel IP DECT 10. Give your conference calls all the dynamism they deserve!

HD audio produces much more natural-sounding speech than the sound you get with conventional phone calls. It picks up tonnes of voice and nuances, making the conversation more fluid. It is now possible to take the HD calls on your IP telephony into wireless conference calls. Konftel's DECT base station, IP DECT 10, is connected via SIP and can have up to 20 HD-capable Konftel 300Wxs registered and five simultaneous calls.

It is possible to set up the Konftel 300Wx with IP DECT base stations provided by third-party manufacturers supported by Konftel. However, Konftel IP DECT 10 offers some unique advantages and makes it simple to get started.

Note that firmware release 1.9.3 or later is required for the Konftel 300Wx

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