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REXTRON Video Extender. Allows VGA
Model EV214 BK
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REXTRON Video Extender. Allows VGA signal to be extended to 150M using CAT5 UTP Cable. Black colour.

The EV214 Video Extender links a transmitter, connected by a Category 5 UTP/STP cable, to a receiver.

It extends the distance between a PC, and a remote monitor/speakers, up to 150m, with a resolution up to 1024x768.

Featuring a common mode noise suppression circuit, for superb VGA quality via inexpensive unshielded twisted pair CAT5 cable.

The local unit duplicates the input signal for local use and transmits the VGA signal to a Remote unit. Upon receiving the VGA signal via a CAT5 connector, the Remote unit broadcasts the signal to two VGA outputs.

A convenient Gain (equalisation) control selector on the Remote unit is designed for optimum signal clarity according to the length of the CAT5 cable.


  • Ultra compact „
  • Extend VGA signals up to 150m „
  • Use Cat5 cables for easy installation „
  • Max. resolution 1024x768@150M, 1280x1024@100M
  • Local unit supports two VGA outputs „
  • Remote unit supports two VGA outputs „
  • For broadcasts, demonstrations and exhibitions