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LENKENG VGA,Component and RCA to
Model HDMISB353
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LENKENG VGA,Component and RCA to HDMI Upscaler.

VGA+CVBS+YPbPr+audio to HDMI 1080P/720p converter, with scaler

Input 1x VGA 1x Component Videa (Y PB Pr), 1x Video;
1x Stereo Audio (R/L); 1x Audio
Output 1x HDMI (720p/50Hz/60Hz,1080p/50Hz/60Hz)
Real scaler function Output is fixed at 1080p/720p to avoid compability problem
PC VGA Resolution 640x480(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz), 800x600(60hz,75Hz,85Hz) 
1024x768(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz),1280x720(60Hz),1280x768 (60Hz,75Hz,85Hz), 
1280x720(60HZ),1280X800(60HZ), 1280x960 (60Hz)
Component Video (YPbPr) Resolution  480i(60 Hz), 480P(60Hz),576i(50 Hz), 576P (50 Hz),
720P (50Hz,60Hz),1080i (50 Hz, 60 Hz), 1080P (50 Hz, 60 Hz)
Compliant with HDMI 1.3 and HDCP