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CYP 1 x 2 HDMI to Ultra HD Scaler.
Model CPRO-2E4KS
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CYP 1 x 2 HDMI to Ultra HD Scaler. Upscale 1080p@24Hz to 4K2K(UHD) or downscale 4K2K to 1080p@24Hz. Bypassed and scaled outputs.

CPRO-2E4KS - HDMI 4K2K Scaler

The HDMI 4K2K Scaler is designed to upscale 1080p@24Hz signal into 4K2K or downscale 4K2K signal into 1080p@24Hz. With a friendly and simple design which allows the user with direct viewing on input resolution and switching output signal format up to 2 simultaneous HDMI. The HDMI 4K2K Scaler is your best media between HD and Ultra HD signal.

Video Frequency 300MHz/9Gbps
Input Port 1x HDMI
Output Ports 2x HDMI
4K2K HDMI Cable Distance  In 5M, Out 10M 
Power Supply 5V / 2.6A DC (US/EU standards,
CE/FCC/UL certfied)
ESD Protection

Human body model:

  • ±8kV (air-gap discharge)
  • ±4kV (contact discharge)
Dimensions (mm) 102(W) x 102(D) x 25(H)
102(W) x 108.75(D) x 25(H)/Including Jacks
Weight (g) 220
Chassis Material Aluminium
Silkscreen Colour Black
Operating Temperature 0 ̊C~40 ̊C/32 ̊F~104 ̊F
Storage Temperature -20 ̊C~60 ̊C -4 ̊F~140 ̊F
Relative Humidity 20%~90% RH (no condensation)
Power Consumption (W) 2.4W