POWERSHIELD Centurion 20kVA Rack Mount UPS. 240VAC or 415VAC In /

Model: PSCER20KL3-1

POWERSHIELD Centurion 20kVA Rack Mount UPS. 240VAC or 415VAC In / 240VAC out, Long run - No Batteries, 6U.

In applications where only limited three-phase power is available yet a large single-phase power supply is necessary, the PowerShield® Centurion 3/1 Rack ticks all the boxes. Recommended in applications where a balanced load is required, the Centurion 3/1 Rack Series has all of the features of the Centurion range with the added ability to accept three-phase power to its input. Like the Centurion range, the 3/1 Rack range boasts the same User-friendly LCD display that allows the operator to interrogate and program the UPS on the front panel as well as with the included software. The Centurion 3/1 Rack UPS will accommodate any standard 19-inch rack. It can also be configured to be a single phase in and single phase out UPS. Models come standard, as long-run and external battery banks must be added.



  • Critical servers
  • Networks PSModbus or PSAS400
  • Critical IT applications
  • PLCs
  • Security equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Balancing loads 



  • True double-conversion
  • DSP technology guarantees high performance
  • Output power factor 0.8
  • Wide input voltage range (110V~300V ac)
  • Active power factor correction in all phases
  • Built-in phase auto adapt function simplifies wire installation
  • 50Hz/60Hz converter mode auto select
  • Eco mode operation for energy saving (ECO)
  • Emergency power-off function (EPO)
  • Generator compatible
  • USB, RS-232 as standard
  • Intelligent slot for PSSNMP or PSModbus or PSAS400
  • 3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance
  • Adjustable battery numbers
  • Optional N+X parallel redundancy